The Story

Advance Technical Abrasives began in 1984 in Columbus, Ohio, when founder Edwin Tausch took his extensive background in diamonds and electroplating and started manufacturing dental cutting wheels for the dental lab industry.

Edwin began his career at General Electric where he and a team of engineers patented the first man-made diamonds. In the 1980s, Edwin stumbled upon a new opportunity at a flea market when he noticed a nail technician using an old belt driven drill and sanding bands to remove acrylic enhancements. After some conversation, he asked the woman if she would be willing to try his diamond bits. The bits were a hit, and Edwin started manufacturing diamond tools for the beauty industry under the product line Erica’s ATA, named after their first born daughter.

Who We Are

A family business! The “Erica” received her Bachelor’s in Business and Bible & Religion and Master’s in Business at Anderson University. Erica returned home to use her education to add new growth to ATA. Erica’s passion for education encouraged her to earn her nail license to better serve customers by understanding their wants and needs- turns out she really enjoys doing nails, too! Erica’s goal is not to be the largest nail company, but to be the most reliable, professional source for electric file machines and cutting tools.

In 2014, Edwin and his wife, Kelley, sold the business to Erica who is eager to continue bringing quality products to the beauty and medical industry and push the company on to new and greater endeavors.

Who We Serve

People like you! We get to help nail technicians and medical professionals every day. They rely on our affordable, superior products to get their job done efficiently and expediently. Whether you’re a new or expert technician, our knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you with your questions. Our outstanding service and product longevity has given us a global reputation.

Why We Serve

We like what we do! We work hard to provide customers with the highest quality machines and bits at an affordable price — and we do it with pride. Being a U.S. manufacturer gives us the opportunity to design and develop new and exciting tools, and we think that’s pretty amazing.

We set working professionals up for success to produce superior nails and pedicures in the most efficient manner. We’re firm believers in the motto: “Work smart, not hard.” That’s why we sell only the best professional equipment.

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