Electric Files And Nail Vacuums

  • Erica‚Äôs MT-20

    The flagship item from Erica's

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  • Pro-Tech T-300

    The best value e-file

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  • TL-24

    Portable Power

    From: $375 Buy Now

  • Micro BP

    Battery powered e-file

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  • Nail Vacuum System Attachments

    E-File Attachments for Vacuum

    From: $170 Buy Now

  • Hand Piece

    Buy The HP Only

    From: $159 Buy Now

  • Rubber Stand

    To hold your handpiece

    From: $11 Buy Now

  • Abrasive Pipe Cleaners

    $2.95 Buy Now

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When it comes to high quality nail technician products, nobody comes close to Erica's. With industry leading manufacturing techniques and high standards for quality, Erica's is simply the best.

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